Comic submissions are now open!

The 10th Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival is now accepting submissions from stand up comics! The festival takes place August 9th-13th in beautiful Asheville, NC.

Laugh Your Asheville Off is one of the premiere comedy events in the country. We believe strongly that first and foremost, the festival is about you as performers. This is one of the main reasons we choose to keep this a non-competitive event, and it is one of the largest festivals of its kind in the country.

Over the course of several nights of packed out shows, you will have the opportunity not only to showcase your talent for industry professionals, but also for a diverse, open-minded audience. We want you to have the opportunity to network and further your career, and have a lot of fun in Asheville while you’re doing it!

What makes Laugh Your Asheville Off unique and beneficial for performers?

    • LYAO draws some of the top comedy club owners, bookers, TV executives, casting directors, and producers in search of new talent. Charlie Gerencer, owner of LYAO and head of TV Development for Pygmy Wolf Productions (now a part of Lionsgate) personally hand-picks comedy industry guests that are actively in search of fresh talent. Every festival says “industry is going to be there”. We deliver on that promise. 
    • None of your submission dollars are used to produce or promote the shows you perform on. Comic submission dollars are used solely to ensure the presence of industry professionals at each and every event during the festival. Again, we do not use your money to produce our shows. We have established many great sponsor relationships and we have a fantastic creative team that produces each show with amazing detail and care.
    • We are absolutely, 100% a non-competitive event. Every show is in a showcase format and produced to the hilt to set you up for success before you’ve even grabbed the mic from the stand.
    • The festival is designed not only to showcase your talent in packed out theaters and large alternative rooms, but also to provide ample time to network with your peers and network directly with our industry guests. 



Submission Deadlines & Fee

Month/DayThru toSubmission Fee
February 19th May 12th $35

Your video clip submission should be an unedited 7-10 minutes.

If you can't use PayPal, please send a dvd and any other pertinent information with your payment in a check made out to 'Laugh Your Asheville Off LLC' to:

Laugh Your Asheville Off

11720 Califa St.

Valley Village, CA 91607


Comics who are invited will be notified by May 22nd. Thank you in advance and good luck. See you in Asheville!!


What the comedy industry is saying about us

"Laugh Your Asheville Off was by far the best comedy festival I have ever been to. It is well booked, run, and the venues are packed sold out - not to mention Asheville is beautiful and the food and beer are incredible. From a club booking perspective, it was great! Not only was I able to see comics that I was familiar with work in a different setting, but was introduced to comics that were perfect for my club and I may not have otherwise booked. I believe this is the best festival to give comics practical exposure to increase their club bookings."

     -Dee Burdett | Personal Appearance Agent and Comedy Development for Elev8 Talent Agency

"I definitely love attending to find fresh comedians for TV talent.   Asheville, NC is the perfect backdrop for this eclectic mix of comedians; the town is hippie-chic-artsy with great southern food!  I would strongly recommend comics to submit."

    -Felicia Davis | Casting Coordinator for ABC

“Out of the many festivals I work with, attend, support and experience – Laugh Your Asheville Off is definitely one of my favorites.  It’s one of the most comic-friendly, well produced and “career growth oriented” festivals going on right now. In a sea of “over-hyped, under-attended” DIY festivals plaguing the country right now, LYAO has taken the DIY grassroots beginning’s and nurtured it into a well-oiled comedy machine that runs like a giant Whole Food’s, but still manages to feel like a local farmer’s market.”

     -Eric Yoder | Funny Business Booking Agency

"Truly one of the most organized festivals I have ever been to! Amazing scene. Great new faces. I had a lot of fun in Asheville and met tons of great comics & industry folk. Super cool eclectic spot to throw a comedy festival."

     -Leanne Elias | NBC Universal | Talent Executive

"The best thing about The Asheville Comedy Festival is seeing talented comics do fresh comedy about topics other than the pop culture redux you get in the big cities.  The town of Asheville also has a really charming allure--but maybe that's just the great selection of beers talking."

     -Krysia Plonka | Executive Producer of "The Jeselnik Offensive" on Comedy Central

"A great festival with even better talent.  Want to see who's going to be on TV tomorrow, then go to Laugh Your Asheville Off today."

     -J. Holland Moore | Comedy Writer and Executive Producer of Spike TV's Joe Schmo



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